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Tuesday night

Tuesday night.


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Tuesday night

Well , its actually tues-dayy night .. I  was off at school due to water lacking at my home so i decided to stay at my aunt’s place but my cousin made sure that i was not going to school so that she could .. Oh ! I mean we could have fun together .

All day gone long meanwhile , when my cousin has gone to her clinicas she is a doctor, I decided to watch her wedding video all alone  in her room.

As long as i watched the video I was able to heard the screeching of door came from the hall  , low at first but it became a bit loud but slow making me cold but at the same time making me curious about. I stood up and got  to peeking outside the room , there was a shadow of a man. I felt my legs were shaking , putting a perfume bottle as a dangerous weapon in my hand and  put  myself up  continue to make my way in the hall. As I came outside the room in the dark hall , I found nothing but a shadow moving to kitchen . I was totally going in deep shit but as I have my harsh ever-long weapon in my hand I felt (somehow) composing myself up and continue keeping an eye on him but then he has disappeared . I found myself shaking .

I was not able to see anything in the dark kitchen until someone sparked the lights switched on, I turned and sudden sprayed the perfume in hands. Once I finished spraying , I found freakin screamin girl at me I couldn’t help but laugh at my thoughts , shadow wasn’t of a man that was my cousin.

But she also cause the shit out of me … so that was nothing from my side, a sort of fun we had made..   xD